Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Academic credit for Summer Study Abroad

How can you make your summer study abroad count?  Here is how:

BEST, Heidelberg, and China allow you to earn credit for three units in business.  If you are a freshman or sophomore, these units count as your required global awareness course in business.  If you're a junior or a senior, you can elect to have the three credits count as you global awareness requirement OR as an elective in your concentration (Econ, Fin, Mktg, General Mngtm).  International business majors can also count the three units as a business internship.  Freshmen and sophomores in international business can only select the global awareness option.

Heidelberg allows you to earn an additional three units in General Education (for a total of six credits).  The units fulfill Gen Ed requirements III B. 3 and V.


Katrin R. Harich said...

I'd like to tell you more...but I am not sure what your specific questions are? Please post them or send them to my email address at kharich@fullerton.edu and I will do my best to advise you further!

Dianne Stevens said...

Studying Abroad gives your resume a competitive edge. Few other experiences in life have proven to net such a positive and sustainable impact.

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