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What CSUF students think about Summer Study Abroad

About the BEST Program
"This trip [BEST] was such a wonderful experience and I'm so glad I participated in such an amazing program. On top of learning about how people do business in other countries I got to meet some amazing people and see many extraordinary places. It's a great program!"
--Cara Anderson

"The thought of waking up and being ready every day at 8:00am was simply a letdown to me before the BEST program began. However, as difficult as it was for me to get up and get ready, I looked forward to each and every day that the program brought. Each day brought something new, something eventful, and something memorable. The program is organized with back to back events in which the mere three weeks in Europe will feel like months. In the beginning the program felt like it was never going to end, and in the end we all wanted it to go on forever. Europe’s culture as well as its business environment is something we experienced in each lecture that we attended. I feel that the BEST program’s greatest asset is its people. The professors are what make the program unique. Their knowledge and guidance allowed for a environment that challenged everyone to learn more about Europe’s business and cultural aspects. In addition to that, the other students that attend the program as well as the people you meet in Europe make this program simply unforgettable. "
--Tony Vu

"The BEST Tour was a trip of a lifetime. It took what once was taught in a classroom and provided first-hand, real life experiences. Lectures from executives of industry leaders showed firsthand the strengths and weaknesses of European industries, and solidified the importance of being a global team player. The BEST Tour leaves you with a whole new perspective on business and life! It leaves you wanting more! Lessons learned on The Best Tour cannot be duplicated in any classroom. The program provides deep insight into strengths and weaknesses of European industry, and how they fit in the global market. The Best Tour shows you a new appreciation of cultural differences and European lifestyle. It provides you with a whole new outlook on life, and is a great asset to your learning experience."
--Mike Rossi

About the HEIDELBERG Program
"- The excursion to Strasbourg was certainly a highlight. We had the opportunity to visit and tour the European Parliament building and meet the director. Touring Strasbourg Castle was really neat. I've never seen or been in a castle before. It was neat to get to see how different the two cultures (Germany and France) are, yet they are so close in geographical location.
- I enjoyed the excursion to the Mercedes Benz factory and the visit to the Mercedes Museum. I was highly impressed by the way they ran their business- very efficient. And the museum was like something out of the future.
- The Italian opera in the park was also a great experience as I have never been to an opera before.
- I really enjoyed the excursion to SAP corporate headquarters. They treated us like kings and queens. There was so much interactive futuristic technology in and around the building. Everyone in the program left wanting to work for the company. I've never seen anything like it.
- Germany in general was a great experience. It is such a beautiful country. So much beautiful architecture and old buildings. I absolutely adored the city of Heidelberg.
- The accommodations in the Guest House on the campus were wonderful. The rooms far exceeded my expectations.
- I also like the public transportation as it was very easy and convenient to get around without a car.
- I really appreciated the way the staff members and professors cared for us and went out of their way to make sure we were okay and enjoying the program.

I would recommend this program to everyone! Everyone should go. I've already been suggesting it to some of my friends on campus. I had the time of my life. I am so glad I decided to go. It was well worth the money."
--Tiffany Speed

About the CHINA Program
"I went on the 2010 China study abroad and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I learned so much from the experience as it was happening and although I've been home a few months I keep realizing, reflecting and learning from that experience.

China is the frontier of business and this program gave me an eye-opening view of this huge developing nation and a glimpse at the infinite business possibilities as they are being developed and implemented. We were able to compare and contrast different business aspects which in turn helped us understand both nations, and their dealings, better.

On a personal level, getting away from the daily grind that kept us so focused on our own lives was truly welcomed. I got to meet fellow CSUF students I would not have otherwise. I got to chat with other international students taking part in different study abroad programs and I got to know some of the locals. All of these experiences are invaluable to both educational and personal growth. I strongly urge anyone interested in this program to put aside any doubt they have and jump in with both feet, I know they won’t regret it."
--Evelyn Banuelos

Going to China on the study abroad program is one of the best decisions I have ever made. We got to learn and see so much in our three week experience. We absorbed so much culture and history and got to visit three of the largest cities in China: Tianjin, Shanghai and Beijing. My personal favorite was Shanghai but Beijing was spectacular as well because of the famous Great Wall which we got to hike on. In addition to the fun and touristy aspect of this trip we learned about the modern Chinese business world as well as the history of where they came from. It was a remarkable, well planned and life changing experience that I would do again in a heartbeat.
--Lyndsey Grove

View of a CSUF Alumn
I've always advocated for studying abroad - it not only gives you experience in terms of culture and environment but also in terms of business (and marketing).  It opens your eyes to the world and the fact that it is larger than just the USA!
--Jay Manek


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